Vastu Tips For Main Door Entrance


VASTU SHASTRA is the ancient science of architecture based on directional alignments and abiding essence, thing, object, article, goods, wealth, property, etc. However, some people tag it to superstitious beliefs, while it is actually a scientific method that maps the ways for getting positive energies in your living place or workplace. If a structure or landscape is designed properly according to  vastu then it can impart growth, success, and happiness in many aspects of life.
According to Vastu Shastra, home is considered as the dwelling place of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. It is said to be comprised of five basic elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire, and space. Based on these elements, Vastu Shastra helps to attract positive energy. So, it’s important to focus the direction of particular objects and rooms, dimensional accuracy and positioning of the entrance gate in accordance with the predefined rules. Here we will discusses about some tips for a prominent part of the house i.e. the Main Entrance and we will also discuss Vastu guidance for the same.
The Main door or Entrance of a home or office gives a certain idea about the rest of the property and its occupants. It can create a strong impression of the outsiders or those who visit. Designing the Main Door Entrance as per the Vastu principles is an essential part that must not be overlooked as it play significant role in happiness and success of the occupants. Many people think that Vastu is related to superstition but the truth is that Vastu is a science which guides on how you should design your building so that it attracts positive energies towards you.

Location Of The Door:
The main door should be erected on an auspicious day after doing the Vastu Puja. For selecting the particular location of the main door, you can divide the width of the building in 9 equal parts. The main door should be fixed from the fourth section in the right side to the sixth section in the left side while facing the house.
Though there is no compulsory rule for the location of the main door as each location has its own effects – North and West bring wealth in your life, East is all for good benefits and South represents liberation. But according to the experts, East, West and North direction are more beneficial for the dwellers.

Vastu Tips For Main Door Entrance

  • After performing the Vastu Puja, an auspicious day must be selected for fixing the main door of your home.
  • Divide the width of the building in 9 equal parts to determine the exact location of the entrance door.
  • Door should be fixed from the fourth section in the right side to the sixth section in the left side while facing the house.

Cardinal orientation has its own effects as per the directions such as,

  • North and West bring wealth in your life.
  • East is for all benefits.
  • South stands for liberation.
  • Accurate location of door is need to focus on for the activation of positive energies in surroundings.
  • Do not locate doors in room’s corners.
  • In comparison to the other entrance doors of the house, the main door should be the largest one.
  • Fix external doors in a straight line in a building.
  • Entrance Door should be on the same side of the main door.
  • Avoid direct facing of the opposite house.
  • Front door must not face any demolished property.
  • Don’t keep any underground tank under the main entrance.
  • The entrance door should be on the same side of the main door.
  • The door should not be located at the corner of the room.
  • The main door should be the largest as compared to the other doors in house.
  • If there are two external doors then they should be placed in a straight line.
  • Decorating the doors with auspicious signs and pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi brings good luck to the family.
  • The entrance door should not face any demolished or abandoned property.
  • There should not be any tank under the main entrance.
  • The self closing doors which are available in the market these days should be avoided.
  • Gate should be made of wood from Teak, Honne and Matti instead of wood from Peepal and Coconut.

Once you design your house according to Vastu, you can see your life changing for the better. There are vastu shashtra experts who can counsel on this. They design every part of the house perfectly according to Vastu Shastra and mostly begin with the main door entrance as it is the most important part of your house. The main door of your house should be perfectly located so that positive and beneficial energies enter your house. Vastu Shastra is trusted for bringing peace and happiness in the lives of many people, since ages. Therefore, for your own betterment apply the Vastu Shastra in designing an important part like the Main Entrance for your home.
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