Tips To Get A Modern and Chic Look of Your Home

Tips To Get A Modern and Chic Look of Your Home

Recntly I got a chance to visit one of my friends. They had just shifted to their new home. So, what’s remarkable in it? The remarkable was the interior of his house. The house that was appearing opulent,even as it had maintained its simplicity.
So, come lets take a look at this house, who knows, you might get some interior ideas for yours too. The house as I told was appearing opulent but had retained its simplicity. The interiors of the house were chic and dapper.Heavy wooden panels and styling were giving it a very modern and stylish look yet maintaining the simplicity. When we moved here, everything from the cupboards to the other furniture had to be put together, my friend told me. further he told, “We just wanted a more polished look hence we had a designer to assist us. We had already planned about it and thus were quite sure of what we wanted.”
So, what it looks like, lets have a discretion of it… The main theme of the house is white/cream with dark woody tones or black shades used to assist and offset the blandness of white. The living room,as one enters, has a zen-like aura. With plush pristine white couches and heavy wooden panel work the room is extremely sophisticated in its design and taste. A square wooden coffee table in the centre has false flowers in gold adding richness. The wall facing the room has a wooden panel in between on which a massive television is mounted.
Surrounding all four sides of the wall the panel extends and forms a long low shelf beneath the television. A flower pot with bright pink flowers brings adds colour. A cabinet behind the sofa has a statue of Lord Buddha and some bright flowers thrown in. Simply designed,the room relies on chic furniture and colour scheme to give a sense of opulence. A wooden panel as that of the main wall divides the living room from the dining area.
The open dining table is a massive eight-seater. It is also in woody tones of brown and the material from the panel is used here as well to maintain a sense of continuity. The wall behind the table makes use of wallpaper in a lighter brown shade with big motifs that makes the room look attractive. Flowers are also kept in a long vase next to the table to add colour.
The dining room opens to a big balcony that overlooks a view. With its elegant cane woven chairs in dark brown colour and a table in the centre,this is the family’s favorite space to hang out in the mornings as well as in the evenings when the sun sets. Coral and white cushions placed on a very interesting semi-circle couch makes the area look charming and quaint.
The living room also has a small corner that is converted into a bar. A bar counter,along with two bar stools, completes the furniture in the area. Wooden flooring in the area adds richness as well distinguishes it from the living room. The wall behind the bar area also has wooden panels surrounding it with in-built shelves that are decorated with artifacts and other decorative items. Flower pots are kept all over the balcony.
One of the bedrooms next to the living room is in the colour scheme of black and white. A dark black bed with similar shade head board is placed in the centre with two side tables, one of which is decorated with flowers to soften the dark colour palette.The wall behind the bed has a grey wall paper that gives an extra edge to the room. The wall also has black panels surrounding it in a fashion similar to the living room. One side of the bed is a builtin cupboard with black sliding doors.The other wall has a large mirror with a panel around it that contains in-built shelves to hold cosmetics,serving as a dressing table.The wall opposite the bed has a television mounted on it encased in a white panel. A study table,with a few shelves above it,hold other knick-knacks to complete the room. It also has an attached balcony overlooking a beautiful view.
The other bedrooms fall next to the dining room.The lobby that leads to the rooms is beautifully decorated with white and golden flowers. A similar wooden panel as that of the living rooms is extended in the lobby as well. The first room is the younger son’s who is currently studying abroad. “It usually lies vacant and is in use when he visits us,”the Chugs say.The bed in the room is on an elevated wooden platform that is extended to half the room.Besides the low lying bed is a side table and a wooden shelf is placed above on the wall,which is in a light peach colour. Light drapes in peach white shade lets the sunlight fill the room.
Now about the, master bedroom. The colour combination of this room is white and light brown. A wooden panel behind the bed is extended to form a shelf that is decorated with family photographs. Beneath the shelf is a study table that has a vase with brightly coloured flowers. A white cabinet with more flowers and pristine white curtains make the room look extremely elegant and sophisticated.Wooden in-built cupboards make up the furniture.
The next room belongs to their parents. The furniture here is in a darker brown hue as compared to the other two bedrooms that surround it. The headboard has a division making it look like separate pieces. The wall behind it is also in brown,though in a lighter shade. Two side wooden panels are adorned with vases that contain flowers. A spotlight over these flowers makes the overall wall very pleasing.
The aesthetics and design of the room is similar to the Master Room. With similar wooden paneling on the walls,a study table in a corner with a shelf above, it is reminiscent of the other bedroom but the darker hue of the furniture makes it look different. Brown curtains cover the windows.
The rooms have a common theme with various sorts of wooden panels around,yet the furnishings and colour scheme make each room look very different. There is a distinctiveness yet a sense of similarity that connects them all. Each room is in the neutral shade of white that is balanced with various shades of contrasting brown and black. Another common thread is flowers that are used in every room to add a dimension as well as brighten up the room.
With basic changes in flowers and artifacts one can mold the look of the room a lot.


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