Right Time For Pre-Monsoon Repairs of Apartments

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While we are fully into the summer season and doing our best to beat the scorching sun, it will be advisable if you to take up repairs and tidy up the interiors as well as exteriors of your home before the monsoon sets in.
It goes without saying that the monsoon, and the waterlogging in its wake, can cause heavy structural damage to your building. Some common problems during the monsoon are water stagnation, water seepage through the cracks in buildings, and leakages from the roof. If you adopt some simple precautionary repairs before heavy rainfall sets in, you can keep your apartment safe and enjoy the beauty of rains in your apartment.
It is the best time to fix leaks and cracks in your building. There are a few areas in your apartment that require regular maintenance. While the rains give us a great deal of relief from the long and sweltering summer, it is also a time our homes as well as buildings need great care. In the absence of that, it will create a big headache for you when the rains actually start.
If we start from the terrace, care should be taken to provide proper slopes on the slab to prevent stagnation of water. All opened-up tile joints have to be filled with a polymer — modified waterproof mortar — and sealed. Damaged tiles have to be replaced. Water has a tendency to take the shortest path and water from the terrace of even the 9th or 10th floor can be a cause for leaks in the ground floor or any other floor of that building. Also, leaks may take place through cracks on the top and sides of the parapet walls leading to entry of water into the building.
Cracks in the internal and external walls can be a source for water ingress into buildings. All cracks up to 5mm should be cut open up and filled with a movement accommodative acrylic sealant.
Experts say that in order to prevent seepage through walls during monsoon, the terrace wall surface should have a gentle slope towards the inner side of the building. This will cause water to flow onto the terrace, instead of flowing along the wall’s outer surface to the ground.
One must ensure that rainwater doesn’t stagnate for long periods in large balconies or in open sit-out areas on the roof.
This is important, especially if you have marble flooring at these places. The gradual action of slightly acidic rainwater may discolor and damage or even eat away the costly marble.
Often, it is seen that after a couple of good rainy days, the roof of your house or building starts leaking. Residents of apartments, especially those on the top floor, face this problem where the roof starts leaking owing to stagnant rainwater.
Experts also say that it is very important that your roof has sufficient gradient to quickly drain out the water collected after a heavy downpour. Terrace floor should be levelled by applying cement plaster. If you see or find cracks in the roof slab, ensure that it is properly covered.
If you want to see that your building withstands the vagaries of the weather, then remember that your building needs regular care. If you show any kind of non-serious attitude, you have to pay a very heavy price. You must ensure that your terrace is cleaned regularly, as otherwise the debris that gets collected there may choke the pipes.
No builder worth his salt can ignore the maintenance part of his building. If he fails on this front, he will cut a sorry figure in the market. All noted developers have full-fledged staff, which looks after the maintenance of their project building.
They maintain all the residential apartments in association with the residents. The expenses are divided between the residents. But residents have to maintain areas that are owned by them. Even before the first shower of the monsoon, we see that all leakages and cracks are plugged, with the assistance of professionals or civil engineers. That way our buildings remain in good shape.
Apart from the above, you can also clean up your of water tank. If your house is fitted with a solar water-heater and if you have observed improper heating, then it is time to get the solar panel inspected. Overall, it is desirable to restore the house to its original condition.
Source- TOI


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