Tech Savvy Homes New Choice Of Young Buyers Looking

Tech Savvy Homes In India

Tech Savvy Homes have become new choice of young buyers. Young  buyers are looking for a flat which is equipped with the latest in technological capabilities.
In order to find a flat of their dreams, this tech-savvy couple is ready to spend more. Well, the list of such tech-savvy buyers is increasing fast and developers are now gearing up to cater to the needs of this section of buyers with deep pockets.
Today, a good proportion of the buyers looking for a flat is younger than the previous generations of home buyers. They grew up with smart phones, apps and Google searches. They want to use technology not only in their search for a home but throughout the home itself.
This new generation of homebuyers is rewriting the rules of home ownership and reinterpreting traditional norms to fit their values. Many buyers now prefer high-tech rooms with surround sound, large screen TVs – they want every conceivable luxury and comfort.
Imagine being able to remotely control an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command through mobile phone or internet from anywhere. Imagine also being able to manage all devices at home including curtains, TV, video, security system, lighting and air conditioning, using a mobile phone or internet from any place around the world. You may not believe this but smart homes have made this a reality.
As more and more companies are encourage their staff to work from home, a large number of young homebuyers are converting one room in their home into office. Depending on the number of bedrooms, some create a home office with built-in desks, shelving and cabinets. Young buyers prefer to have one room dedicated to their laptops, printers and work-related stuff.
As if this were not enough, today’s buyers – young professionals as well as the retired lot – want a gym, even spa or business centers, in their buildings. Well, if this type of property appeals to you, then remember that you have to spend a lot of money, on a regular basis, to avail of these services.
The new age customers prefer security products in a big way in their flats. With the latest security systems, the smart homes have become smarter and so have the residents.
With complete automation and advanced security systems, smart homes provide residents complete control and the ultimate luxury experience.
It goes without saying that security has been immensely helped by automation systems. Godrej has recently launched a range of high-tech house security solutions, which include blocking bollards, speed gates, tyrerippers, etc, which can block unwanted intrusion of a speeding vehicle. A variety of features like touch panel integrated automation system, CCTV motion sensor cameras at common areas and parking lots, video streaming of visitors at the main gate, electrical fencing, etc, are some of the features of a secured access to homes that have the technological advantage.
Realty firms like DLF, Unitech, Avalon, Amrapali, etc., put sensors in flats – if asked for – to display data on energy consumed, water consumed, temperature outside and inside spaces, relative humidity and rainfall. This data gives residents the critical inputs about their environment and affords them the base for intelligent choice, instead of blindly living life without knowing the extent of energy that gets siphoned off with each of their activities.
Talking about another product that many buyers ask builders to install in their flats, Rajeev Chopra, CEO of ILD Developers, says that LCD Display Panel is a rage now among young buyers. This provides intelligent mobile control at home and in the office. With just a fingertip tap on any Wi-Fi device like iPhone, iPod, smartphone, PC or netbook, homeowners can control home temperature, ventilation, lighting, curtains, elevator and other home appliances, making life highly convenient and comfortable, while saving energy too.
While the youngsters of today are less than keen to buy sun facing flats as the people from an earlier generation, they nevertheless ensure that their flats are tech savvy. They insist upon state-of-the-art home automation systems as it makes living a seamless and pleasurable experience.
A smart home gives residents the luxury of electronically monitoring every corner of their house from any location at any given point of time. Using a compact video touch panel or a computer or even a mobile phone, one can manage the home theatre, security, air conditioning, heating in the swimming pool, lighting, lawn sprinklers, etc.
So, are you also keen to live in a tech savvy home?

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Alok Kumar Upadhayay


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