Rest In Serene Ambience

It is important to remember while decorating a master bedroom, that the space you create should be inviting and uncluttered. It is one room where a lot of thought goes into the design and interiors, as it is a special bedroom for the head of the household. The master bedroom is the biggest of all bedrooms, which means even the bed inside is large, at least it ends up being larger than the ones used in other bedrooms. So choose that part of the furniture carefully. Generally, a master bedroom also enjoys the maximum privacy; so ensure this factor when creating this room. You can opt for a minimal theme or a lavish and heavy look for the master bedroom depending on your taste. The spaciousness of the bedroom is even more accentuated because of the minimalism, which can accentuate with light colours and accessories and furniture that go well with this understated elegance. This will provide the room a sophisticated and serene look. Soothing neutrals and soft pastels are customary here as the master bedroom should be bright and cheerful. Care should be taken that the colours are not too loud or garish. If bright colours are not preferred, pastel shades should have striking prints to set them apart. Use the walls to put up pictures that evoke positive memories. You could also put up family heirlooms like a dagger or a painting by your children that you really adore. If you have the space, put up a large mirror that gives the illusion of more space.
Purchase comfortable mattress and pillows and a matching duvet. Matching bed sheets and pillow
covers give your room the right warm touch. Throw on some decorative pillows as well on the bed like smaller cushions. Make sure the drapes or blinds on your windows block out ambient light when not required. Window treatments are important in the bedroom and you need to choose them carefully for a good comfortable look. For additional privacy, you might consider wooden blinds as well. The space next to the bed could be set apart for relaxation by accommodating a
seating arrangement. This could be in the form of a sofa set or reclining chairs or even a divan with aesthetic appeal.
The side tables, cupboards and consoles are all large and expensive looking. Large floor lamps, crystal decor pieces and heavy porcelain and brass objects complete the interiors. A large and luxurious carpet is also customary in such bedrooms. A small open bookshelf could be accommodated in this corner to house some of your favourite books. An attractive basket to keep magazines and newspapers could be placed next to the seating arrangement.
The television should be placed at a vantage point where it can be watched while in bed as well as from the lounge. Use the space at the foot of your bed to place a chest of drawers. This can be used to store your books or curios.
It should be bright enough so that you can read but soft enough that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your room. Consider using dimmers on your switches to ensure the right level of lighting. Lighting is important for this room; consider placing some bedside lamps in your master bedroom. If you use your dressing table for applying makeup, invest in the right kind of lights, allowing you to change the intensity depending on the time of the day or night. A walk-in closet is better than a conventional wardrobe as it permits easy access as well as quick selection of clothes. The colours used for the wardrobe should not be too jarring. Natural wood colour blends well with any kind of decor, besides lending a rich tone to the setting.


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