Residential Real Estate Prices Remained Bullish Despite Slowdown In Economy


According to the residential real estate index prepared by the National Housing Bank (NHB), the housing prices in 16 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Kolkata improved in the quarter ending June 2012, compared to the previous quarter ending March 2012.
In fact, in most of these cities, prices improved quarter after quarter since January-June 2009 quarters barring in a few exceptions like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Indore, where prices have corrected in some quarters.
But when compared to prices in January-June 2009, when the index was first announced, the prices in the latest quarter have shown a significant jump.
It is also because January-March 2009 was the first quarter when the impact of global bank crisis of 2008 was fully realized. In fact, the index of property prices in Delhi continued to fall till Ja nu a r y – M a rch 2010, when the index touched 106, from 121 in January-June 2009.
According to the NHB, the prices of residential properties in 16 cities have shown an increasing trend in the range of 1.1% in Kochi to 10.5% in Pune, in April-June 2012 quarter, against the previous quarter.
At the same time, it saw marginal decline in three cities — Jaipur, Hyderabad and Indore. Faridabad remained stagnant in this quarter.
According to the data prepared by the NHB, the maximum increase was observed in Pune, by 10.5%, followed by Bangalore (8.7%), Patna (8.6%), Ahmedabad (6.4%), Ludhiana (5.3%), Lucknow (4.1%), Mumbai (3.7%), Delhi (2.6%), Kolkata (2.6%), Bhubaneswar (1.7%), Bhopal (1.7%), Chennai (1.7%), Surat (1.2%), Guwahati (1.2%), Vijayawada (1.1%), and Kochi (1.1%).
Three cities have shown marginal decline in prices over the previous quarter, with a maximum decline of 2.6% observed in Jaipur, Indore (2.4%), and Hyderabad (1%).
The data has been prepared by NHB RESIDEX, which tracks the movement in prices of residential properties on a quarterly basis, an exercise it has been conducting since 2007.
However, according to the NHB Residential Index, the property prices in the NCR region increased by around 11% in the last one year, while a close look of different micro markets give a different picture.
The property prices in certain developing pockets like Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon went up by almost 50-80% in the last one year. Similarly, in other developing pockets like New Gurgaon and Golf Course Extension Road, property prices have gone up by 30-50%.
In Noida, prices of property on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway increased by almost 30% since June 2011. In Ghaziabad too, prices in Indirapuram and Vaishali went up by around 30%. In certain pockets like Crossings Republik, where possessions have been given to buyers, the prices have improved by almost 50% in the last one year.
However, prices in the matured markets of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida have not appreciated so sharply during the period, as they are already very high. As in the index, when prices of properties located in different areas are taken into account, it does not give a clear picture. But, the index has vastly improved and reveals the prevailing bullish trends in the property markets in the NCR.
Prices of residential real estate remained bullish in most of the cities in the country despite slowdown in the economy


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