Prefabricated Homes – Get Your Dream Home The Way You Want

Prefabricated Homes in India

With increasing trend of e-commerce and services it has been quite easy not only to buy household goods but also a ready-made modular kitchen or bathroom. Now think if you could not be limited to it only and could buy a whole new house and get it assembled on your desired location. Yes its possible with pre-fabricated, or prefab technology for homes.

How Pre-fabricated homes can be beneficial for Indian Real Estate Market : 

Lesser Construction Time : Prefab homes take very less construction time as compared to traditional houses. With prefab homes, builders can promise timely delivery which leads to early possession of dream home and freedom from rent for buyer. In case if its an investment then early possession means early rental income. Prefab construction reduces construction time and improves the quality of the building.

Lesser Construction Cost : Affordable housing is not only a dream project but a challenge too. Traditional Brick & Mortar construction takes alot of time as well human resource. Though prefab materials are 15-20% expensive than the traditional ones, higher efficiency and less wastage and labour costs can bring down the overall cost substantially for large buildings. They also eliminate the need for auxiliary activities such as plastering, electrical wiring and plumbing as these are done at the casting stage itself.

Quality and Strength : Latest technology is used in prefabricated homes to minimise defects through stringent quality checks. Prefab technology involves use of factory-manufactured components in buildings like, steel frames for structures, panels made of wood, cement, gypsum and other materials for floors, walls and ceilings, factory-made doors, windows and ventilators.

Source: Business Today

Source: Business Today

Innovative Technology : In prefab technology, the entire building can be designed using architecture software. Later, components such as steel frames, wall and ceiling panels and floor tiles can be custom-made along with innovations such as the dry-wall technique for construction.
Material can be made in factories and then the structure is assembled on-site. Houses using steel frames for structure can have multiple stories without pillars, beams and concrete. Alternatively, the main structure and outer walls can be constructed using the conventional techniques and inside partitioning and interiors done with prefab materials.

Already in Use : Developers have already started using pre-fabricated concrete panels as shear walls and roof slabs, which are assembled like Lego blocks. Apart from prefab panels, complete kitchen and bathroom units are also being assembled as separate units with complete electrical and plumbing systems. These kitchen and bathroom ‘pods’ are then fit into place.

Your Dream Home Designed and Assembled in Budget & Time : The use of prefab materials gives the option of customising buildings for specific needs such as fire and water resistance and sound-proofing. With prefab tech. customer can get entire house designed and manufactured in factories. Then it can be assembled on the plot in a affordable price. Owing to its modular design, the houses can be expanded according to owners’ financial capability and changing needs over time.

Green Homes : Natural and solar-powered ventilation systems maintain interior temperature between 21 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius in these houses. It also provides for water harvesting and recycling of wastewater. Solar heaters are used for hot water supply.

Long Lasting : Prefab material is made by using cutting edge tech. giving the buildings constructed a lifespan of 30-50 years, equivalent to that of structures using conventional methods.
Using prefab materials in buildings also gives flexibility in terms of expansion and modifications with independent blocks that can be added or removed.

Growth Potential : Prefab panels and boards are eight-ten times lighter than brick-and-mortar walls. This reduces the load on the structure, which lowers the building cost. Commercial and office building are already using it however it yet needs to be popular in residential sector. Experts say prefab construction techniques, quite common in developed countries, will become popular in India too.

Who knows,  next time you relocate, you might be able to hire a transporter to move your entire house to a new city 🙂 .

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