Mutation Not Mandatory to Sale a Flat by an NRI

Delhi/NCR: Sanjay, a non-resident Indian (NRI) wants to sell a flat he owns in Kolkata. He has registered the flat, but is seeking legal advice on whether mutation is required before selling the flat. Sanjay voices out the query on the minds of many NRIs who wish to sell their properties in India.
A legal expert with MGF Development Ltd pointed out that typically if a property is registered, mutation is not required. The mutation process can be undertaken by the next person who buys the property. When asked about the time span in which mutation can take place, the expert added that after the request for mutation, usually within 30 days, it is processed.
In addition, it is suggested to do the mutation yourself than get an attorney involved. This is because going through an attorney will be a longer process comparatively. If one goes through a lawyer, then the power of attorney (POA) will also need to be registered. This will further increase the processing time.
Before selling the property, however, it is mandatory that you have the registration of the property done, a clear title to the property, and any copies of stamped receipts for payments made to the previous sellers.
Source: MagicBricks Bureau


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