Modular Homes Gaining Popularity In Indian Real Estate Market

Indian Real Estate Market is witnessing a new change in trend of choice and demands of homes among home buyers. It is the new concept of Modular Homes, that is gaining popularity worldwide too. It has become one of the hot favorites amongst home buyers, home developers and others related with real estate business. Modular Homes are pre- fabricated home structures. The concept of Modular Homes has revolutionized the idea of home building to a great extent. There are number of advantages associated with Modular Homes. For example, considerably reduced construction and assembly time is one of the prime reasons why Modular Homes have become so popular.

Advantages Of Modular Homes
The concept of Modular Homes is getting utmost popularity because of the advantages it offers to both the buyers and the home developers. Some of the advantages of Modular Homes can be summarized as follows:

Cost Effective – Modular Homes are affordable housing solutions for both the buyers as well as home builders as they are pre-fabricated structures and do not involve expenses related to onsite construction.

Flexibility- Modular Homes offer you an option to add sections into your house even after your house is constructed. Besides, Modular Homes are Eco-friendly that further adds to their popularity and demand. The design and size of the Modular Homes can be customized as per the demand of the user.

Low Wastage- In case of Modular Homes, the manufacturer has a definite plan and the idea of quantity of material required for the construction of homes. This helps in reducing the waste while making a modular structure.

Facility Of Relocation- It is easy to relocate the pre- fabricated building material from the construction site to a remote location.

Modular Homes can either be used on a permanent or a temporary basis for staying purposes. Modular Homes are ideal in hilly areas because constructing a traditional home might be a difficult task in such a region. Modular Homes are commonly used by institutions, hotels, restaurants and business industries as their workplace.
Modular Houses are a great relief for those who look for a quality home in a low budget. Modular Homes can be constructed in different sizes and can also be used for staying while vacations.
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  1. M Narsimha Reddy 1 year ago

    Thank you for the great information.
    I have some doubts on this prefabricated houses, one of them is whether these houses can be constructed for residential purpose.
    What is the quality of the house for staying .
    And one more thing is the cost, what is the cost to construct such homes in 200 square yards.
    Pls give me reply .

    Thanking you
    M Narsimha Reddy

    • Dear M Narsimha Reddy

      Here are the answers to your doubts :
      Whether these houses can be constructed for residential purpose.
      – Yes, they can be. In hilly areas where construction cost of traditional houses is too high, this is being used. Slowly its spreading in other parts of country too.

      What is the quality of the house for staying .
      Prefab homes use latest technology and minimise defects through stringent quality checks. Check our recent post about Prefabricated Housing and related articles for more insights.

      What is the cost to construct such homes in 200 square yards.
      It really depends upon your budget. As cost varies according to Architect cost, City location, material quality etc. You can easily get in touch with pre-fab home designers and get suitable quotation.

      Thanks for your visit..
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