Going Luxurious Green As Concept Of Luxury Green Homes Is In Vogue

With global warming on the rise, words such as green, ecofriendly and sustainable seem to be used everywhere, and residential properties aren’t far behind as the notion of green luxury homes seem to be in vogue. The idea behind a green home is making a healthy habitat where you can enjoy natural surroundings with energy efficiency, lower toxicity products and sustainable materials. Here are some pointers that tell you what sets luxury green homes apart from others.
The idea of a green luxury home is to be closer to nature. This can be done by building your very own organic garden with water features and patios. Especially in homes located in urban areas, indoor gardens can be an alternative option to the lack open areas outdoors. In case you want to go a bit healthy, you could opt for a herb garden and grow those health friendly plants at home, all you need to do is make sure that they can thrive indoors. They do require extra care but they provide a sense of comfort and cool the atmosphere of the house.
One of the most luxurious aspects of green homes is the airy openness they provide. “High ceilings provide good room for ventilation, while large glass windows help in catching and reflecting sunlight,” says Chandani Raigangar, interior designer. Thereby not only providing adequate lighting but also keeping the room well ventilated.
“Another highlight of most luxury green homes is the usage of ecofriendly products and avoidance of volatile organic compounds, toxic solvents and pesticides. Most of the products used are recycled, reusable, recyclable and renewable raw materials
and interior furnishing, which accessorise the house,” informs Raigangar. So, as you enter the house instead of stone walls, you could have bamboo or papyrus walls, use recycled glass as table tops or windows, soft bamboo and palm wood floors that give out a rustic appeal and citrusbased paints as compared to toxic varnishes not only ooze luxury but also bring out a sense of ecofriendliness.
A great way to bring natural sunlight into your room is through solar lighting. Ensuring responsibility towards the environment, solar lights make use of solar energy. Though when it is slightly overcast the light is slightly bluish in colour, on most days there is abundant white light filtering the room. Raigangar says, “Another way to help conserve electricity and contribute towards the prudent consumption of energy, pre-installed LED lighting not only provides a great lighting effect in the house that spells out luxury but also brings about a green feeling.”
Most green houses come with a personal wind solar hybrid power system that helps in natural energy generation. Features like root zoning STP and water recycling helps you take a step further in maximising your contribution towards the environment. Installations of hybrid energy systems could also include a solar electric array coupled with a wind turbine, which would create more output from the wind turbine during the winter and rainy seasons, whereas during the summer the solar panels would produce their peak output.
Hybrid energy systems many a times yield greater economic and environmental returns than wind, solar, geothermal or trigeneration stand-alone systems by themselves.


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