Living Room Interior – Add Some Style To It


The living room is like the signature of your home. This is the place that speaks the most of your style and taste. Here are some tips that will spruce up this extra-special room:
Go ahead and mix and match pieces or fabrics. An eclectic look will work provided there is a common thread running through. Usually, colour or texture remains common. For instance, a collection of different artifacts will match if displayed against a common colour or material. A mix of patterns, like floral prints and stripes, will blend if the color is uniform, preferably neutral tones. You can mix old with new or formal with casual; for instance, a traditional armchair will not look out of place when displayed along with contemporary styled furniture.
It need not be topnotch expensive works but even inexpensive artworks can be displayed with aplomb. Frame them well and hang them up on a long wall in assorted sizes. Fix a spotlight on them and the wall will look like a million dollars. You could also hang some vintage art prints in a casual manner without frames if a retro look is to be had.
Size up the windows and make sure that natural light is not hindered. Go for wide windows that will bring in more light. If there is not enough natural lighting, have a mirror facing the window in order to reflect the incoming light into the room.
Use techniques to create space visually. Lengthen the room by hanging the drapes from a higher point. Widen the room by having contemporary and smart furniture that is not heavy in looks. Use mirrors to double the space. Visually divide the space by having at least two seating areas. This adds a sense of grandeur. Using architectural elements like beams or columns, one can actually divide the space into separate areas.
Use large-scale pieces in the space to dramatise the look. A large sculpture in a corner of a room that is small to medium size is unexpected but grand. A distinctive and wide coffee table can also add a sense of bigness to the room. Remember to use such large scale delights very sparingly.
How about some wooden rafters in one part of the room? It will not only divide the room distinctly but also make it stand out. Alternately, raise the flooring by less than a foot to achieve the same purpose. Wooden flooring and handmade ceramic flooring are two nice options. Other architectural elements that can be introduced are a faux fireplace, a simple coffered ceiling or even a grand bay window.
Create a rotating display: Sometimes, having a space that can show off artworks or artifacts in rotation will create interest. A simple easel can serve this purpose. Display artworks in rotation and complement the setup with a potted plant at the base of the easel. Or else, have some handy wall ledges or open box frames that can display artifacts and artworks at your own pace.
Keep a collection of carpets that can actually change the colour scheme of the room. Contemporary designed carpets in block colours are better suited for this purpose. With accessories like cushion covers or runners, one can nail the colour scheme perfectly. Just be sure to have neutral coloured drapes so that there is no jarring of colours.

Alok Kumar Upadhayay
Real Estate Professional


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