The Land Reserves

Land has increased in value by over 800% over the last twenty years and remains one of the most popular forms of investment. Historically, buying land has been restricted to large development companies, farmers and wealthy individuals.
A residential-sized plot of land would allow buyers to share in any future development gains without the need to buy large acres as a developer would.The simplicity and transparency of land investment has gained many followers. There are no complicated concepts that purchasers need to understand, just that there is an ever-increasing demand for land.Buying land is far simpler and quicker than buying property, although you would still be recommended to use a solicitor to protect your interests.
Unlike stocks and shares, the land buyer will always have a tangible investment they can touch and use.Furthermore,due to its limited supply and demand, one can also be rest assured that land values will almost always be on the rise, having already increased eight fold in value over the last twenty years.
Upon completion, the new owner has individual day to day control of any maintenance,redesignation for development,planning permission and sale of their site.
Traditionally,investment in land was only available to elite businesses,farmers and wealthy individuals, however today it is available for investment by normal income earners too. Land agents as they are called acquire land from sources and then sell it on to customers in the same sort of way an estate agent sells houses.
Some land agents also specialise in selling land to long term land investors,this land is usually near to sites that are undergoing or about to undergo development, so may soon see planning permission!
Land investment is very simple and transparent with no complicated matters to go through, and there is a constant demand for it.For instance stocks and shares are not physical but land is a physical thing that you can see!
After any land investment is completed the new land owner has control over maintenance,planning permission and the future sale of the land.Any investor wishing to buy,or invest in some land will obviously wish to see the land first and will wish to know everything they can possibly know about it before going any further.With that in mind it is a good idea to maintain your land…the location,development costs and community attitudes will also have a big say in future land value.
So, location as you know is very important as to the future value of the land, land that is near to a large developed way that connects two towns will almost certainly increase in value! Usually the closer your plot is to a major road or town the higher the value of the land. The direction of growth is very important in deciding which plots of land are most valuable, so buying land in a neighbourhood that is to be developed will provide a bigger profit to an investor. Once an individual has decided to purchase a plot of land he/she will need to consult a solicitor in order to draw up a contract,they will also enquire as to the possibility of any future developments that will affect the land,like if a large motorway is being considered to be built next to your new plot of land, this will seriously affect its value.
Timing is key to all investments; however let’s not forget that land is a long term investment.Also, most land does not produce regular income. Many investors get around this by leasing the land for allotments, tenantfarmers,parking or even a used car lot! This can generate some money while you wait for your land to increase in value.It is very clear to see why investing in plots of land is becoming an increasingly popular alternative investment!


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