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How To Declutter Your Home

Clutter is as much a part of our life as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether we wake up in the morning or hit the sack at night, it sticks to our being like a shadow.
Nevertheless, when someone’s visiting us, we make a great effort and clutter lies doggo and spares us the red cheeks. Friendly as it may sound, clutter always manages to creep out of its hideout.
We waste a lot of effort in organizing the house and keeping clutter at bay. But we are face to face with reality the next day when the contents of the wardrobe are all over the place when one member of the house makes a war-effort to locate that favorite shirt, and forgets to rearrange the wardrobe.
The living room displays the cat and mouse fight between your children with the cushion lying dead on the floor and the newspaper serving as its death bed.
Well, it surely doesn’t end there; the daily episodes of lost keys, missing mails, wallets, and the interminable hunts for that candle, the needle, the pliers, etc, take their toll on the best efforts of the most determined housekeeper.
Personally, I wasted half of my life in arranging my wardrobe, bookshelf and what not. But no matter what I did or how much effort I invested there was no end to the clutter-o-mania.
So, for once, I sat and questioned my effort. What causes the clutter? Have I tried any better method to arrange stuff ? Thence I came up with ideas and realized how close the solution was to the problem. So, before you sulk over another wasted weekend, read out some handy tips which will save you a lot of precious time.
Clutter-management schemes bite the dust because we own more than we can manage. On account of sentiments we collect things over the years and are not ready to part with them. The first and the most important step in clutter-management is to discard or donate things that are no longer used whether clothes, accessories, appliances, etc
If everything has a designated place there is no way we can escape going down the road of a clutter-free home. Assign specific places in the house for purses, bags, laptop, keys, wallets, washed clothes, dirty clothes, etc. All we need to do is to develop a habit of putting back daily utility items back where they belong, so that everything finds its original destination instead of getting dropped in the temporary spots
We all can’t afford to install expensive functional wardrobes in our home but what if we could make one of our own at low cost and in no time. Insert canvas bins which act as drawers and store your folded clothes in them; this will make it easier for you to manage the pile of clothes. These canvas bins or woven baskets are available in various sizes, colours and types. Labelling these bins will help in organizing different categories of clothing into casual, formal, underclothing, etc
Don’t restrict the hanging rods to the top of the wardrobe; distribute them along the wardrobe so that it gets easier to store clothes of varying lengths. Hang dresses or long clothes on either side and short clothes in the middle, this will provide you with space enough to store essentials underneath
Get rid of the broken china, faded crockery, dead appliances that you intend fixing up ‘one day’. They are doing you absolutely no good and take up all the limited space in your kitchen
I know it is hard to resist the beauty of the exquisite packaging stuff of the latest FMCG goods now stocked in those glitzy malls; but that doesn’t mean you’ll keep on piling them one on another and add to the clutter.
Use bureau-style drawers to store the kitchen essentials. Further, divide the space into sections so that it is easier to manage the knickknacks. The same can be applied to all the other drawers in the house; keep large drawers neat by breaking the space into smaller sections
Install built-in cubbies to store shoes in your closet. Cubbies are sections of 6″”x6″” and one foot deep. You may sort the footwear in each cubical
It is said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning that it is only possible to know that something is a success only after one has found out if it does what it was intended to do. So do not just stick to one way of clearing the clutter; invent your own methods like using a napkin holder as a mail organizer, a coat stand to sort scarves and belts, etc.
Develop a habit and make sure you follow it religiously and you’ll find clutter a long dead story.

Alok Kumar Upadhayay
Real Estate Professional


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