Home Interior Tips for Positive Energy

Home Interior Tips for Positive Energy

This season, are you taking up the task of designing your new home? If yes, then perhaps you would not like to miss the opportunity of positioning and designing each room in such a way that the life force, energy or vibrations of each of the eight directions coming into your new house, can be optimised for your own and your family’s highest good. Although there are various schools of thought on the ideal location for a particular room, here is a general overview, many believe can be considered while designing a new house or renovating an old one.

The tranquil and quiet vibrations of this direction support relaxation and deep sleep. It is regarded as an ideal position for a bedroom. Colours, materials and shapes that are in harmony with the energy of this space are cream, pale green, pink, grey, light blue, glass, metal, wood, stone, wavy, curved and round.

The ambient energy here is mentally stimulating and promotes self expression as well as socialising. It is good to have a living room here. Purple, green, blue, yellow, beige and brown are favourable colour options. For materials and shapes, preferred choices are wood, glass, glazed earthenware, pyramid, star, pointed and horizontal.

It is believed that an entrance in the west invites friendly, easy and benign energy. Go in for circular, arched, horizontal or wavy shapes here. Metal, stone, carpet, rugs and glass work are fine for entrances in the west. Choose from red, pink, yellow, brown, beige, grey or white to colour this space.

Some choose to have a bathroom in this direction, believing that the water element here is in harmony with the wood energy of the east. Hues of bright green, dark green, purple, cream and blue are prescribed for this direction. Recommended shapes are tall, vertical, wavy and pointed, while materials are wood, glass and glazed earthenware.

The ‘chi’ here is upheld to favour reflection, intuition and accessing wisdom. Having a study area or library here seems to be a good idea. Shades of grey, silver, black, yellow, cream and red; shapes like circular, arched, horizontal and wavy; and materials such as metal, stone, carpets, rugs and glass can be incorporated into the decor of this area.

Several feng shui enthusiasts opine that since the ambient ‘chi’ here is very sharp and edgy, it is better to earmark these areas for dressing up or having competitive fun and games. For designing and decorating, you can choose white, pink, grey, purple or yellow in colours; fabrics, rugs, carpets, soft stone, tiles, metal and glazed earthenware in materials; and horizontal, low, flat, star, pointed, circular and arched in shapes.

The calm vibrations of this direction make it ideal to have a family dining room here or to set the dinner table in this corner. While the positively aligned shapes to the ‘chi’ here are circular, flat, arched, horizontal and low; the materials are clay, fabrics, tiles, carpet, metal and glazed earthenware. Purple, grey, yellow, brown or pink make a good colour palette for this direction.

A majority of people believe that it is ideal to have one’s kitchen in this direction because the energy here is harmonious with both, the fire of the stove and the water of the sink. Wood, glass and glazed earthenware are said to be ideal decor materials for this direction while tall, vertical, wavy and pointed are recommended shapes. You can choose from dark green, blue, cream, bright green or purple for this area.

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