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Casual Home Decor

Casual home decor requires minimum decoration and is in vogue in urban setups. After all, Who does not want a casual-style room in their abode?
There is no perfect symmetry. The elements of the casual style of decoration are rectangular and softly curved which is a contrast. Lights used, too, are unusual with a combination of glass, steel, iron, etc.
For casual home decor the floor is generally wooden. Furniture is soft, comfortable and arranged in diagonal lines. Leather furniture is durable and inviting. Soft upholstery and upholstered pieces are oversized.
Upholstered furniture is covered either in neutral colours (like beige, off-white, or tan) or darker shades (like rust, olive or navy) or pastel colour like soothing peach.
Textured elements are used in fabrics and accessories. Casual decor includes woven fabrics. Instead of using satin or silk you can use natural fibers like sisal, chenille, raffia, linen, burlap, cotton or wool. Say no to vertical, small and tall pieces and go for long, large and horizontal one for the casual look.
Select accessories which are not only beautiful but useful too. Wall colours in casual home decor are warm, cozy and comfortable. Choose a wall colour that is complementary with the rest of the room and goes well with the overall theme of the room – furniture, fabric or floor, they should complement the wall colour.
If you want a blue room it does not mean that you paint the wall in blue. You can paint the wall with soothing peach or forest green with a touch of gold. You can always mix and match. If you have accessories of the same colour, try to paint the walls with some other colour, as this makes the room more attractive, welcoming and beautiful. For example, tomato red and golden accessories with pearl-white wall colour are a striking colour theme. Second, a striking combination would be accessories in brown, golden and sunset orange with turquoise or shades of blue as wall colour. Golden mustards go well with smoky blue.
Iron wall decor and woven wall tapestry give innumerable choices and solutions for casual home decorating. If the room has high ceiling, wrought iron or cast iron wall decor is the best choice to fill spaces above wall tapestry and framed art. Remember, you have to select a colour for wall tapestry that complements your colour theme.
Cast iron or wrought iron is not just for walls. You can replace your old light fixtures with new iron-light fixtures. Remember, these small changes can make a big difference in any home decor.
Place a mirror in the dining room as it reflects the light and exaggerates it. Mirrors increase the light-effect and when placed atop the dining table, they add luster to all the things placed on the top of the table. You can use mirrors not only in the dining room, bathroom or at the entry but anywhere in a room, especially in surprising places, as mirrors make a room look bigger and more spacious.
A bathroom is just not complete without a mirror; a beautiful decorative mirror can change the ambience of any bathroom. For casual decor bring new bath accessories to update your bath decor. Select a colour theme for the bathroom and purchase towels, soap cases, toothbrush holders, etc, according to the colour theme. For your master bathroom you can go for iron wall decor.
Home decor is a part of your lifestyle and it determines your way of living, your tastes, and your idea of a perfect home.

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