Gurgaon Master Plan-2031, New Development Plan For Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex-2031

Gurgaon Master Plan-2031, New Development Plan For Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex-2031

[kkstarratings]With the new draft development plan in place, land will be no longer acquired for the SEZ (special economic zone) purposes. The new Draft Development Plan of Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex-2031 has incorporated this provision, one among several others, as SEZs are becoming unviable with various issues cropping up over time and, in particular, the inability of the Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL) to purchase and accumulate contiguous lands for their SEZ. The Draft Development Plan of Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex-2031 AD has been notified and published in Haryana Government Gazette on September 4.
The new draft plan is done and waiting for clearance from the authorities concerned like the department of town and country planning and the NCR Planning Board. The new development plan has mainly focused on three different issues like non-grant of licences for certain land patches in the Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex (GMUC), de-freezing of the SEZ zone and relaxation for development of TP (town planning) scheme in Sector 16 of Gurgaon.
In view of change of land use (CLU) or licences on certain land patches, some amendments have been made in the Final Development Plan-2025 of GMUC. According to the changes, the government could acquire the land sold by the farmers to non-farming interests but whose retention as “good agricultural land” at these places was desirable. “The government should maintain the character of the land so left out from acquisition as ‘agriculture’ with clear stipulation that no licences would be granted in respect of such areas,” the amendment says.
The new draft development plan of Gurgaon has now deleted the provision for an industrial zone on nearly 3,110 acres proposed on the western side of the KMP Expressway and the whole area has been proposed to be retained as an agriculture zone with the condition that no CLU or licence be granted in this area.
The Gurgaon Manesar Draft Development Plan-2031 AD has been made keeping in view projected population of 42.50 lakh. A total of 33276 hectares of land has been proposed including 16010 hectares for residential purpose, 1616 hectares for commercial activities, 4613 hectares for Industrial, 4420 hectares for transport and communication and 626 hectares for public utilities. Similarly, 2035 hectares for public and semi public (Institutional), 2775 hectares as open spaces, 114 hectares for special zone and 633 hectares as Defence Land have been proposed. In addition to this, 406 hectares for existing town and 478 hectares for village ‘abadies’ have been proposed.
According to its main features, 215 hectare land has been reserved for University in Sector-68 which will be exclusively developed by the Government. Seven new residential sectors 36A, 88A, 88B, 89A, 95A, 95B, 99A and part sectors 37D and 68 are proposed in the plan. There will be three small commercial belts in sectors 37D, 88A and 88B along northern peripheral road and part Sector-99A for whole sale market, which will be exclusively developed by Government. Sectors 36B and 37B would be developed as industrial sectors. Also, sector 89B has been proposed to be developed as public and semi public.
Also, 50 hectare land has been reserved for affordable housing in sector 68 of Gurgaon with population density of 1125 persons per hectare or 450 persons per acre. There would be a 90 meter wide Greater Southern Peripheral Road starting from Sohna Road ( Sector-68) upto National Highway-8 near National Brain Research Centre. Fifty hectares of land has been reserved for shifting of dairies from existing town near village Dhankot. About 48.5 hectare land has been reserved for setting up of a whole sale market of building material, grain, fruit and vegetable in sector-99A.
The existing development plan of GMUC-2007, which provides for an SEZ zone over 4,570 hectares, has been revised and the land relieved from the SEZs. The industries and commerce department had announced the award for 1,601 acres in this zone for setting up of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the HSIIDC. Subsequently, HSIIDC had transferred nearly 1,383 acres to Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL) for development of a proposed mega SEZ project. However, with RHSL unable to acquire the contiguous land, the authorities decided to acquire the HSIIDC land back from RHSL.
Since it is no longer feasible at this stage under the changed circumstances to acquire any more land for the SEZ purpose in this area at economically viable rates, the town and country planning department will consider the land designated for the SEZ, excluding the land acquired by the industries department like HSIIDC, as no longer required for SEZ purposes and feel free to re-plan the area as per their alternate norms. However, while revising the development plan, the planning department has plans to retain the use of the land already acquired for SEZs and other supporting uses.
In the GMUC-2025, the land between Sectors 36, 37B, 37D, 99 and Sectors 98, 95, 94, 89, 88, V-2(d) road was reserved for SEZ, which further continues on the northern side up to the controlled area-development plan boundary in the agriculture zone. By de-notifying the SEZ and keeping this area unplanned will create a vacuum and attract unauthorized colonization immediately, as on three sides except the northern side of this land, development is in full swing. Hence, this office has planned a loop of 75-metres-wide V-2(d) road through the erstwhile SEZ to connect the northern side Sectors 99 to 115 with the southern side Sectors 76 to 95, and IMT Manesar, for smooth flow of traffic and better integration. The SEZ area between NH-8 up to Delhi-Rewari railway line and the newly proposed V-2(d) road has been planned under different land uses and the rest of the erstwhile SEZ area has been proposed as agriculture zone.
The land already acquired by HSIIDC falling between the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) and the Gurgaon-Pataudi Road and the industrial Sectors 36 and 37B has been proposed for industrial use and the acquired land falling in commercial Sector S8 has been proposed for commercial use, as a major part of it is already planned for commercial use.
All these land uses are not affected by the eco-sensitive zone of Sultanpur lake except a part of Sectors 98, 95, 95A and 95B, which falls within the 5km limit of the sensitive zone, but outside the 300-500 metre limit where no construction or restricted construction is allowed.
The area in the vicinity of applied (town planning) TP scheme site in Sector 16 has already assumed residential and commercial character after approval of building plans from the MCG and town and country planning department was obtained. In this regard, the town and country planning department has not approved any building plan of residential and commercial sites in Sector 16 of Gurgaon, according to one report.
However, the site has been inspected and it was found that Sector 16 is being used for industrial and public-semi public use with a school for deaf and dumb, the office of irrigation department in place; commercial use (site allotted by HSIIDC to Brahma and Bestech) and residential use (Canal colony and some other unauthorized residential constructions) was also mapped. A copy of Google Image showing all these details has also been enclosed by STP, Gurgaon. Hence, if the department wants to consider the request of urban local bodies department of Haryana, the use of public-semi public zone (47 hectares) in Sector 16 may be converted to that of a special zone according to the ground situation allowing all the above land uses.
The case was earlier examined by the department and it was seen that the town planning indicated group-housing scheme over 13.3 acres, which was falling in the institutional-public and semi-public zone in Sector 16, and therefore, was a non-conforming zone, according to the provisions of the final Development Plan-2025 notified on May 24, 2011. The site was also affecting the proposed site of an engineering college as per the approved layout plan of 2009.

Keeping the increase in traffic in mind, the revised alignments of sector-dividing road of Sectors 76-77, 84-85, 81-81A-open space, 92-open space, 92-93-94-95 and 112, 113 have been approved by the government and have been incorporated in the draft development plan (DDP).
According to the DDP of KMP Global Corridor, existing roads like Wazirpur-Farukhnagar, Gurgaon-Farukhnagar via Basai-Chandu and Gurgaon-Badli-Bahadurgarh road via Budheda have been widened to 75 metres with 30-metre green belts on either side.
According to the new draft plan, the road above Sectors 63A and 67A that ends up on Sohna Road will be extended through the agricultural land. This road will work as bypass of NH8 in future and will relieve NH-8 and Sohna Road from heavy traffic congestion to a great extent. A 60-metre-wide road between the industrial Sectors M3A and M4 will be further extended through the Aravali hills and public and semi-public zone along KMP up to NH-8. This will create a great loop which will provide commuters an option to avoid travelling on NH-8.
Nearly 110 acres of the village land of Dhankot between GWS Channel and Effluent Channel will be provided for dairy farming and a cattle pen where all the existing dairies in the city are proposed to be shifted in the future.

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