Striving For Future – Green Homes Concept Need of Time In Indian Real Estate

Eco-Friendly Homes Segment Gaining Preference in Indian real Estate Market

[kkstarratings]Green buildings are of vital importance and architects, developers and residents are taking steps to save the environment and live the eco-friendly way. Apart from reducing global warming, which is a major concern, green buildings also save time, energy and also benefit residents.
Well-designed green buildings will save money, increase comfort and create healthier environments for people to live and work, using improved indoor air quality, natural daylight, and thermal comfort. The structure of the building must breathe. Implementing rain water harvesting and sewage and water treatment is also essential. By adopting green building guidelines, the energy consumption would be reduced by 50 per cent or more and if renewable energy is used an additional 10 per cent could be achieved.
Going green, especially with small home décor products, can have a great effect. Eco friendly products are the in-thing nowadays and using environmentally friendly products is one of the easiest ways we can support the natural world. By going green you can take care of the planet while at the same time create a statement that stands out. It also helps puts the business in the forefront with customers who also take environmental concerns seriously. They will be proud to use eco-friendly products and appreciate the reasoning behind the decision in purchasing them.
Small yet smart decisions can help save and conserve energy in a big way. When thinking of going green, wall paints in the home also count. It also improves the health of the people living in the home. Indoor air quality at home has a great impact on the health of those residing in an apartment. The air quality is directly connected to the paint used because one would breathe the VOC emissions. The benefits of using eco-friendly paints and stains help reduce health risks like headaches, nausea, respiratory disorders, dizziness, chest congestion, lung irritation, burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat and so on. There are many ways one can maintain the indoor air quality at home; the most important one is to use VOC (Volatile Organic Content) free paints. Earlier, it was common for fumes to drive people from their homes during repainting. They diminish air quality, and are detrimental to one’s health.
All these eco-friendly ways and steps surely will have an impact on the future generations. Most importantly, there are choices a society makes about the ways it wants grow, and the legacy it wants to leave to future generations. By constructing a green building, we in a sense, encourage the use of materials which do not impair the environment. The motto should be to reduce, recycle, reuse and reinvent. By being green, we’re only extending it and gradually buying time to create a society which is fully dependent on renewable energy. This is vital for the sake of future survival.

Alok Kumar Upadhayay
Real Estate Professional


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