Floor Tile Tips and Hottest Trends For Home

Tile Trends for Home Interiors

Recently during the renovation work of my home, when it came about flooring thing, my father just handed it over to my brother and me about making selection and looking for option so that he and Maa could look for a perfect option.  As both of us are working into real estate, we had to do this with best of our efforts. We wanted our home to be uniquely styled and were ready to put profound time in selecting that perfect tile. We moved on our quest  for flooring options with the key characteristics to observe, irrespective of the style we were looking for the tile that should be extremely versatile and should go with any kind of furnishings. Also, tiles have a natural insulator which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.  Well, in our quest we found some data which I am sharing here –

Tile Trends for Home-Interiors


Digital Printing Tiles
Digital Tiles are making a buzz all over the world. They bring life to your unadorned and simple floor tiles and perk up your home. Digital tiles enable one to imprint high resolution pictures and can produce thousands of uniformly designed tiles with no variance in colour or pattern. The six-colour prism technology in digital tiles facilitates near-to-life image reproduction, which gives your private spaces the perfect makeover through vibrant images, razor sharp detailing and the finest resolution that a human eye can perceive. It also gives you the freedom to print on a plethora of surfaces and sizes, be it flinty, flat, glossy or mat.

Floral Design / Pattern Tiles
Imagine a bathroom wall in a mural made of tile pieces. Motif patterned tiles make a space very lively. Imagine a floral tiled staircase, red rose tiles in some sections of your bedroom or beautiful neon bright daffodils in your gallery area! This easy decor option will refresh your interiors.

Wooden Finish Tiles
These tiles look like real wood but without the hefty price tag! They not only give the look and feel of natural wood but are also very easy to maintain and environment-friendly. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a classic appeal of different wooden textures. With real wood flooring there is a fear of it shrinking in areas with high temperature or a possibility of the wood getting wet.

Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles
They are a replica of marble with a special glazed coating that makes them look like high gloss tiles. Tiles as such have a nano coat, which make them anti-bacterial in nature. Apart from the hygiene factor, these tiles have a lot of add on features like they have a minimal water absorption percentage; they are stain proof, scratch resistant making them a perfect fit for your living space.

Rustic and Matt Look
These tiles are for those who love the swanky look. These glitzy tiles are the newest alternatives to recent decor traditions. They have a timeless look of elegance and class. They bring shimmer and sparkle to your floors. These tiles have an application of lappato finish making them stain and scratch free. They are highly resistant to corrosion, bacteria, fire and severe weather conditions.

It is an art of creating designs with small pieces of various materials like ceramic and vitrified tiles, stones, marble or any other material. These tiles are available in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes. It helps to personalize your every room, wall or corner.

Large Tiles
They are gaining popularity for their ability to make a small room appear big. Large tiles are a perfect choice and an idyllic size to try if you are considering going larger but want to ease into it. These can be mixed with smaller tiles or used on their own across both walls and floors.

Feature Wall
This is a style where the rest of your walls are plain, but you have one patterned or brighter section. A feature wall is an ideal concept to make an area of your room stand out. It can be done in bold colours and patterns, and does not make the room seem too over-powering. You can decorate a feature wall in the same colours as the accessories used in the room.
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