Eco-Friendly Homes Segment Gaining Preference in Pune Real Estate Market

The Pune realty market is waking to the concept of green buildings as sustainable features are of prime importance to developers. The need for conserving resources has become important considering its usage in future.
M Anand, Senior Counsellor, LEED & IGBC Accredited Green Building Professional & LEED Faculty, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) says, “A green building is one which uses less water, improves energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.” The intangible benefits include enhanced ventilation, better views and day lighting which significantly improve the productivity of the occupants.
Speaking about the rating system, Harleen Oberoi, ED – Project Management, Cushman & Wakefield says, “There are national level and global level standardisations that are monitored through independent bodies to ensure that highest environmental safety and conservation standards are maintained. These standards are applicable to any structure be it residential, office space, retail or and even industrial and manufacturing.”
The Pune realty industry has experienced several trends over the years and sustainability has been gaining momentum. Several developers in Pune are trying to provide green specifications like solar water heating systems, sewage treatment plants and rainwater harvesting system among others.
Vascon Infrastructures Ltd has tried to minimise the felling of trees in their project Woods in Koregaon Park keeping in mind a tree that was over 100-years-old, which is still standing intact, in the center of the project. Roopa Mudliar, Executive Director, Vascon Infrastructures Ltd says, “Most of our projects are certified ecofriendly homes. Green buildings are the next big thing in the real estate sector. There is rising awareness as well as demand for green buildings. Consumers have certainly become aware of green spaces and everyone wants to do their bit to conserve environment. There is a rise in awareness among home buyers in India about the benefits of green housing. However, there is a long way to go before people make it a way of life.”
Supreme Universal has also implemented several green features in their project. Jayant Gehi, AVP, Business Development & Sales, Supreme Universal says, “It is certainly a good concept. Use of CFL tube lights in common areas, minimum heat and maximum light in the house and rainwater harvesting have been followed by us. Overall, the consumer has understood the importance of green to a certain extent.”
Rajendra Pate Director – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd elaborates on the several reasons why Pune property buyers are increasingly choosing to buy homes in green buildings. He says, “In India, real estate development is still one of the main contributors to environmental damage. The wastes produced during construction seriously degrade the quality of the environment. The materials used in the construction of green home projects last a lot longer than the conventional ones. They help save on the cost of replacement, repair and maintenance. Green homes have superior ventilation systems which bring in fresh outdoor air instead of recycling used-up indoor air.” Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd’s projects Astonia Royale at Ambegaon and a new project at Baner are now on their way to become certified as ‘green’ by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).
There is a general assumption of going green being costly. Oberoi goes on to mention that building and maintaining a ‘green building’ doesn’t necessarily have to be restrictively expensive, through there may be a marginal rise in construction cost. He further adds that the benefits of a ‘green building’ for its residents and environmental responsibility demonstrated ensure that the cost is justified.
Roopa avers, “Although the initial cost of constructing a green building is comparatively higher than that of the conventional building, it’s not as expensive as it is perceived to be by the common man.” Gehi adds that even though capital cost is definitely high, in the long run it is covered considered the savings.
As a boost for eco-friendly construction, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had introduced Eco Housing Assessment criteria for all residential buildings, building complexes and single family residences, where they give certain incentives to developers and home buyers. Roopa says, “This is a good initiative taken by the PMC. There are some rebates that a home buyer would get on purchasing a building practicing green initiatives which will further encourage other real estate players to start constructing green buildings as well.” Gehi is of the opinion that there should be more capital incentive benefits to encourage ecofriendly homes.
The National Defence Academy (NDA) is also doing its bit by going green. The academy takes several initiatives to maintain the green cover and reduce pollution; more than 2,000 cadets use bicycles at all times to commute on the campus. All offices and households in the campus use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) instead of incandescent bulbs which consume more power. All the street lights are regulated by timers set as per the sunset/sunrise timings so that wastage is avoided. There is also a full- fledged vermiculture plant which turns waste material into an all purpose natural fertilizer.
The steady increase in demand for green buildings has brought down the cost of products, services and materials, thus making green buildings available and affordable. People are realizing the necessity of green buildings and moving towards greener future.
Source- TOI

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