Delhi to Get 2 Smart Cities

Smart City Delhi - DDA L ZOne

Smart City project got unveiled by Hon’bl Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on June 25,2015. For the National Capital, the project is bound to catalyse urbanization with several “Smart Sub-Cities” expected to come up in the future. The Centre has already cleared the decks for implementation of the project by introducing the “Land Pooling Policy”.
For Delhi, the biggest curse has been unplanned urbanization. Failure to deal with rampant unauthorized construction along with multiplicity of authority has weakened any remote scope of “development through blueprints”. In fact, the situation is so watertight that the land-owning agency, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), has been unable to acquire a single additional plot for over a decade now. Further, Delhi’s population is expected to be 2.3 crore in just six years. In such a scenario, the only way is to look beyond the haphazardly developed city and focus on its fringes. The Land Pooling or Land Assembly policy will play a pivotal role here as it would make the concept of unauthorised colonies obsolete by bringing in fundamental changes in acquisition and development of land. It is expected that 20,000-25,000 hectares of land will be unlocked through this policy, thereby resulting in the creation of 24 lakh houses.


Two major Smart Cities in the making :
If experts are to be believed, Delhi is the ideal city to flag off the Smart City project. Out of the five zones, at least two — Zone L and N — have the required physical and economic characteristics to evolve as self-sufficient smart sub-cities. ‘Zone J’ is the smallest with just one village (Neb Sarai) while ‘Zone L’, which is next to Dwarka, is the largest with an area of 22,840 hectares. It includes parts of Najafgarh, Dichaon Kalan, Qazipur, Samaspur Khalsa, etc. This is followed by ‘Zone N’, which covers an area of 13,975 hectares and includes villages like Kanjhawla, parts of Bawana, Chandpur, Salahpur Majra, and so on.
Source: The Hindu


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