Construction Quality,Really a Concern in Indian Real Estate Market


Are builders really quality-conscious? Do they always ensure top-class tiling in bathrooms; install quality sewage pipes and leak-proof plumbing?
Realty market watchers say that when there is a good demand in market and the volume of work is extensive, many realty firms do not mind sacrificing quality. Therefore, it leads to substandard workmanship.
Sanjeev Garg, who recently shifted to an apartment constructed by a noted realty firm, in Faridabad, says: “The quality of construction work is abysmal. The plumbing is really terrible. Leakages are there in all apartments because of the poor quality of pipes.”
O P Aggarwal, the chairman of Lotus Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, says that quality of a project is directly connected to the reputation and image of a builder in the market. If a developer doesn’t deliver quality projects, his goodwill will take a hit. Therefore, he says, a builder will always try to deliver quality projects.
Rajni Gulati, a resident of an apartment in Vaishali, lists several complaints against her builder. “The developer has provided beautifully landscaped gardens and excellent common facilities. But the quality of construction is woeful with cracked walls, crudely finished and aligned doors, badly laid floors. It is clear that scant attention was paid to quality.”
However, there is no dearth of people who are disappointed when they move into their new apartments. Shoddy workmanship is always the devil. The quality of construction is a far cry from what they were promised by the marketing guys of the developer. They find cracks and leaks part of their new life. They learn to live with poor tiling in bathrooms, leaking sewage pipes, badly aligned doors and windows, among an endless list of complaints.
Sanjay Khanna, the director of Kailash Nath Projects Pvt Ltd, says: “While detailed monitoring is done to ensure quality compliance, our approach is extremely focused on the project in execution.
“The volume of our projects is kept at manageable proportions to enable higher levels of supervision. But the clinching factor is the level of commitment that successfully eliminates questionable quality.”
Experts say that the end result is dependent on effective supervision and quality and skill of labour employed in construction.
A senior executive of a NCR-based realty firm also says that quality of a project is directly connected to the reputation and image of the builder in the market. If a developer doesn’t deliver quality projects, this will hamper his goodwill in the long run.
Vijay Jindal, the chairman and managing director of SVP developers, says: “We have a dedicated department to ensure quality standards. Supervision is done at the micro level and this detailing eliminates possibility of substandard quality. When unsatisfied with the workmanship, the specific area is reworked and is executed even if it means slipping up on a deadline.”
It is also a fact that when a disappointed buyer tries to hold the developer accountable, he is told that the developer’s liability ends after one year of handing over the apartment complex. When attention is drawn to the promised quality, a finger is pointed at subcontractors. As if this were not enough, the penalty clause of the sub-contractor is again limited to one year after completion. In the end, a customer pays a huge price in acquiring a nightmarish house, and with no place to appeal.
“I have observed that blaming developers over trifles has become a fashion, though most of the builders spend their blood, sweat, tears and toil on their projects,” Nuzhat Alim, the director of ILD, says.
If developers insist that top priority is accorded in ensuring quality construction, why then are projects increasingly coming with substandard quality? This is true with not just small builders who are yet to make an impact but with established and highly reputed developers as well.
“While it is no concern of mine as to what others do, we have devised a monitoring system on all our projects to ensure quality compliance. We hire one of the best contractors to execute our projects. We have an efficient purchase team which procures materials like cement, steel, bricks, paint, sanitary ware, light fixtures, tiles and marble,” Gaurav Mittal, the managing director of CHD Developers, says. “Apart from the quality-check lab at the site, we have built a series of checklists with a quality-control audit system. The head office works in coordination with site engineers to monitor workmanship.”
“We procure cement, steel, granite, tiles, sanitary ware, etc, from leading companies after all quality controls. Our own experts ensure quality control. Site engineers are assigned to monitor workmanship. We have blacklisted a couple of suppliers when we found them wanting,” another developers says.
Source – TOI


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