Civil Engineering Skills Necessary To Drive Real Estate

Civil Engineering Skills Necessary To Drive Real Estate

Although the whole country is in dire need of huge and better infrastructural advancement, sadly, delay by the government at the policy and implementation level has let our country lag behind. Especially in developing vital infrastructure, like roads, expressways, national highways and bridges that is so essential for nation building.
Also, mishandling and insensitivity shown to land acquisition from farmers has also not augured well for all stakeholders. Where already existing infrastructure is, it is crumbling down due to lack of maintenance. The sorrowful state of railways is a case in point.
The Delhi/NCR is witnessing a tremendous activity in housing, commercial and civic infrastructure domain. Although some projects have been stalled for the moment, it will only a matter of time that they will be back on track, and it can be assumed that whichever government is in place, this boom is irreversible.
However, all this momentum has a flip side too. “There is an acute dearth of manpower, such as civil engineers and civil supervisors who can monitor the speed and quality of these projects at every stage. Needless to say, that this can affect the delivery of all infrastructural projects, be it residential, commercial or projects for the community.
To train budding people in basic supervisory civil engineering is necessary for development of real estate sector, said Chairman of Gaursons India Ltd., B.L. Gaur, who has come up with a book in Hindi as well as devised a six-month course imparted through his charitable organization R.G. Institute of Professional Studies. The six-moth certificate course is affiliated with the NIOS and the NIOS will be the institution granting the certificate.
According to veteran Gau, who is also a social worker and a man of literature saw many young people in Himachal, MP, Uttarakhand, and UP, who after completing high school were loitering around without employment. “It was then it struck me that if these young minds could be provided with a basic course in civil engineering, they can be successfully be employed by construction companies and builders at their sites and can climb up the ladder with experience and hard work,” Gaur remarked.
And for the first time a book of civil engineering in Hindi has been written by him, as well as a certificate course been designed accordingly. The book is titled, Neev Se Nali Taak. Gaur, himself a civil enginner has served the Indian Railways for 30 years. Gaur lamented the fact that institutions in the country were unable to produce quality civil engineers in keeping with the pace of infrastructure in the country, especially the NCR. “At least this certificate course will keep the supply of civil supervisors going,” he said.
“Unless quality civil engineers are produced it will be difficult to sustain the mammoth building activity in the NCR and to maintain quality,” Gaur told.
He cited the transparency related with quality and delivery issue with regard to Gaursons. “Since I started this company, we have a reputation of living up to the expectations of our buyers as well as giving delivery of projects on time. Even when recession was around, we took loans to ensure that our commitment to our buyers is not compromised with,” Gaur claimed.



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