What is Carpet Area, Built-Up Area And Super-Area, An Overview

If you are planning to buy a house any time soon, you will do well to know the exact meaning of these terms, as they are very important. Since most people are ignorant, they end up paying more than what they are actually supposed to pay while buying a property.
For instance, carpet area is the effective area available for use within an apartment, excluding the area occupied by the walls. It also includes the areas of balconies if they are within the main door. It is measured from wall to wall within a house or apartment and is the actual floor area which can be carpeted, if required.
An owner has the exclusive rights over the carpet area, including the right to sell it. This meaning applies to both residential and commercial units. Remember, the floor-space index (FSI) is applicable to carpet area.
Built-up area or plinth area refers to the entire carpet area along with the thickness of the external walls of the apartment. It obviously includes the thickness of the internal walls and the columns, if any, lying within the four walls of an apartment. The commercial space is not taken into account in calculating the plinth area.
Super built-up area refers to the plinth area of an apartment or a commercial unit, along with the proportional share of other common areas like corridors, staircase, lift room, motor room, security room, meeting hall, clubhouse, gymnasium and any other common space dedicated for recreational purposes.
Super built-up area is the built-up area plus proportionate area of common areas like the lobby, lifts, shaft, stairs, etc. The plinth area along with a share of all common areas proportionately divided among all unit owners makes up the super built-up area. At times , it may also include the common areas like swimming pool, garden, clubhouse, etc. This term is therefore only applicable in the case of multidwelling units.
It is the total space a house consumes. The area of a terrace is usually considered as half of the built-up area. And as far as super built-up area is concerned, it includes builtup area plus common usable spaces like staircases, passages or lifts. This is usually 20-30% more than the built-up area. The super builtup area is also known as the saleable area.
To know the carpet area, measure the area of each bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen and toilets and add them up. Now add half of the area of the terrace and the area of any common passage to this total. This is the actual usable space or carpet area of the house you are buying.
Suppose the carpet area that you arrived at is 700 sq feet. And if the super built-up area shown in the advertisement is 875 sq feet, then this additional area is the proportionate share of common usable spaces like staircases, passages or lifts.
Remember, the area that is sold to a prospective purchaser, be it a residential apartment or a commercial building, is the super built-up area. The prospective purchaser not only purchases the plinth area along with the balconies but also purchases a proportionate share in all the common areas as mentioned above.
You must note that a bigger saleable area does not mean bigger carpet area. Also, the method used by builder to calculate the super built-up area can leave a big hole in your pocket, where you pay for facilities you do not care for and end up with a much lower carpet area, the actual area you use.
While selling a residential apartment or a commercial space, the super builtup area is always sold along with the proportionate undivided share, right, title and interest in the land on which the residential apartment building or commercial building has been constructed.
If a project does not have many amenities, the ratio of the carpet area to the super built-up area will be higher. That is, the difference between the carpet area, which is exclusively yours, and the super built-up area, which includes proportionate area of common facilities, will be small.
The method used to calculate the super built-up area or saleable area can add as much as 20% more to the total price tag.
In an apartment complex or other modern projects that offer an exhaustive list of lifestyle amenities, the carpet area may be 50% to 70% of the super built-up area or saleable area. Find out the ratio of the carpet area to the super builtup area: higher the ratio, the better for you. That is, most of your money is going into paying the area you actually use.


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