Bedroom Interior And Decor Tips


One thinks of the bedroom as the ultimate abode of relaxation. A comfortable bed, teamed with nice looking cushions, an attractive bedside dhurry laid interestingly on the floor and freely flowing sheer curtains is a very picturesque visual. Sometimes these elements over a period of time tend to become monotonous. Keeping the relaxed aura of the bedroom in mind, a few modifications can add a whole new dimension to this space. Unusual ideas and out of the box thoughts can convert your bedroom into a fun space- a place where you would look forward to spending an entire day; a place where you not only get to relax and retire to, but also feel enthusiastic about. Many homes keep a workstation in one of the bedroom corners. This works well if you are working from home. You can be motivated and more productive in an interesting spot in your home without being workaholic at the same time.

Having a canopy bed can make your bedroom look romantic and playful. The sheer and lacy nature of the canopy brings about the elements of cheer and bonding around the bed. It is surprising how the right use of appropriate hues and shades can bring about a flirty look and feel. Too much colouring would make it look like a kids’ room. Use bright colours like orange, purple and leaf green with subtlety – whether it is the paint on the walls or the furnishings. A bedspread with bold prints adds vividness to the overall personality of the room. Strewing the bed with cushions in different shapes and sizes and placed in a slightly random manner is sure to catch attention. You can also get cushion covers printed with your face portraits making hilarious gestures.
Make your bedroom look starry at night by decorating the windows with glow at dark curtains or even get the ceiling painted with a glowing solar system for a pinch of drama. Your bed can also be placed on a height, provide the room has a tall ceiling. A couple of steps that can be illuminated with disco type lights would spell sheer fun. An illuminated wall panel that showcases cartoon characters could be a continuation with the fun theme. Beds can be custom made from a skilled carpenter in the shape you and your partner desire. A ship, ferry or a tent like bed could actually be the focus of any conversation. An artificial tree could run through from the ceiling to the floor and its false branches can be used to place a telephone or hang a lamp, a wall artifact to add that feeling of unusualness to a bedside table.

You can conceal your bedroom television behind a long sliding door and cover the outer surface with an eye-catching poster of your favourite rock star or band. A collapsible window that opens on the inside as well as outside and rolls up can be interesting to have, especially if there is an attached balcony. The carpet or the wall to wall vinyl cover for the floor can be a fun work of art. Go for a washable surface so that it can be used to play indoor games on a weekend afternoon. Children and especially teenagers will find it great fun to be freely writing and drawing riddles and puzzles on the floor directly. Alternatively you can settle for colourful geometric and abstract dhurry patterns.
Contemporary wall clocks with uncommon designs can be a good way of accessorising a fun bedroom. Funky furniture and storage ideas with interesting styling can make the bedroom look chic and a fun place to be in.

Alok Kumar Upadhayay
Real Estate Professional


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