How to Get Antique Look of Home Interior

Antique Look Interior

A completely straight line decor can, at times, appear lacking in character. Bringing in elements that lend individuality and a unique touch can infuse charm into such a scheme. Introducing traditional elements or antiques deftly into a contemporary setting is one way of making the decor appear distinctive.
Bringing in a sprinkling of antiques into a setting lends a taste of history along with character. For instance, an antique piece in the form of a sideboard or bookshelf, a television cabinet could be deftly blended with a contemporary seating arrangement. Here, the antique elements serve as highlights, lending charm. If a heavy structure like a sideboard is not desired, you could also opt for lighter elements such as an intricately woven Kashmiri carpet teamed up with an antique reclining chair and carved coffee tables.
Alternatively, if the contemporary elements are to feature as highlights in a largely antique setup, the accompanying dated furniture can also be teamed up with accessories such as crystal chandeliers and artifacts. For instance, century-old paintings can be displayed in an otherwise modern decor. Similarly, antique artifacts such as vases, an old grandfather’s clock, even mirrors that still have their antique frames in good shape, can be used as highlights.
Miniature antique pieces such as an outsized jewellery box, a small antique coffee table with elephant heads for legs, a Chinese carved camphor chest, could feature as highlight elements to lend character to a setting.
Likewise, an old cot belonging to the Zamindari era, complete with carvings, mirrors, or even colourful tiles embedded into the headboard, could be used as an accent in a master bedroom. Here, the attractive headboard could be fitted into a modern cot, with a sprinkling of complementing traditional elements to lend a warm and attractive ambience punctuated with an antique character.
Minimalist decor can also be blended with dated items where each piece is not displayed completely as a dated piece or a contemporary element but rather as a fine fusion. For instance, some of the antique pieces can be restored and included as part of modern furniture. This lends an ethnic touch to modern decor. Thus, a charming wood cabinet can be fashioned by opting for a door that is made of a century old window or door. Similarly, an antique iron grill could be used as the door for a cabinet to store chinaware in the dining area or a brass window could be fitted on to a table top where the glass cover offers a peep into history.
Unusual elements that are long past their prime, such as a bullock cart, can be re-fashioned into a TV cabinet. Similarly, a coffee table could be carved out of a fifty-year old beer drum and old printing blocks can be featured as a dining table top. Likewise, an attractively carved old door can serve as top for a long table or even as a wall accent. Old pillars could serve as supports for an entrance. Alternatively, they can also be used to create a stunning book stand. Discarded tribal doors are in plenty and these can be used in multiple ways in an interior to transform the decor.
The children’s room can infuse an antique element by having a small display area where antique toys and dolls can be placed.

Alok Kumar Upadhayay
Real Estate Professional


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