Affordable Housing In Gurgaon, Soon To Be A Realty

Affordable Housing In Gurgaon

The “Affordable Housing Scheme” by Haryana Government got approved in August 2013 for Gurgaon Master Plan 2031 and thus has earmarked certain sectors for LIG and affordable housing. . With such positive steps, Gurgaon is definitely paving its way for providing affordable housing in the NCR.
Gurgaon, the name instantly reminds of attractive residential high-rise buildings and prestigious offices of MNCs. However, in terms of affordable housing, Gurgaon currently has very less options and it is majorly a place for luxurious living. There are no or very few projects which offer housing for an average middle income or low income homebuyer. The only available affordable properties are those which the developers offer in their projects as per the government rules. However, after the approval of the Gurgaon Master Plan and the Affordable Housing Scheme by Haryana Government, it seems Gurgaon would soon offer affordable housing options to the homebuyers in Delhi NCR.
As per the Housing Scheme by Haryana Government, homes worth Rs 12-25 lakh would be constructed in Gurgaon, which currently are unavailable in the city.
The Affordable Housing Scheme which was announced in the month of August this year has had some developers showing interest in it. However, it will take at least 1-2 years to get implemented substantially.” Real estate developers such as DLF, Emaar MGF and Raheja Developers have applied for licenses to construct affordable homes in areas such as Gurgaon, Sohna Road and Faridabad.
To implement the scheme and take a feedback from the market, Haryana Government had put the idea on its official website. Those willing to purchase these homes will be required to fill a form first. The homes of 300-645 sq ft areas would be allotted through lucky draws, just how DDA or GDA allocates their low-income group (LIG) homes.
The land allotted for affordable housing under the plan is insufficient, it will still meet needs to some of the buyers at least. Sector 68A has primarily been planned for LIG Housing. The construction quality of these LIG homes would be maintained to the standards and would include facilities such as two-wheeler parking. The eligibility to allot these homes would be dependent on the allottee’s ownership of any other property in Haryana.
In the current market situation, where Gurgaon is emerging as a home for elite, it becomes tough for lower and middle income segments to buy a property here. A policy like this can prove to be a boon in such a case.

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Alok Kumar Upadhayay

  1. Ashutosh Rana 3 years ago

    Affordable Housing Scheme is a good news for low income group people in Haryana.

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