How To Add More Space To Kids Room

The smallest member of the household invariably lands with the smallest of the rooms, resulting in a perennially cramped space. Unfortunately, it is the smallest member that requires maximum space to spread the toys and experiment with things. Creating space for indulging in activities then becomes a challenge.
It is then left to a craftily designed interior to provide ample space for play and work without compromising on furnishings. A kid’s room, however small, can be cleverly designed where there is a comfortable bed, study area and ample storage space without sacrificing an open area where activities can prevail.
To begin with, a small sized room may not afford the luxury of a fully spread out bed, especially if it is a fairly grown up child. It is then best to opt for a pull out bed which when not in use can be folded in to serve as a sofa.
However, for smaller children, a lengthy bed is not required in which case an extra pull out bed can be accommodated underneath, with also provision for a set of drawers below to store clothes and things. The bed, not being too large, can also double up as a sofa when not in use, with an attractive set of cushions arranged accordingly.
In case an extra pull out bed is not desired, a twin set of drawers can be accommodated under the bed, serving as a large storage option for clothes.
Cupboard to store things can be placed next to the bed in an L-shape, with the sections above the bed sporting open shelves. The vertical space above the bed too can be used to house open shelves to keep books or odd
items. However, care should be taken as not let the shelves weigh down on the bed as it can appear too cluttered or even cause injury if placed too low.
If space permits, the study area can feature on the other side of the bed, giving a very cosy feel to the interior. In case of small children a table and chair can also be tucked under the cupboard, where the shelves feature on top of the study table and on either side of it.
With the bed doubling up as a sofa, plenty of floor space is then released for activities, making even a very small room appear spacious.
In a narrow room where furniture can be placed only on one side, storage and study section should feature underneath, with the bed placed above. This releases floor space and ensures storage and sleeping accommodation is not compromised.
Essentially, depending on the size and structure of the room, furniture has to be designed, making clever and ample use of vertical spaces. However, when furniture is fitted tightly into a small space to release maximum floor space, it can appear cluttered, depriving the room of cheer. A good option to circumvent this is to use bright colours complemented with
the right pastel shades, to lend cheer. The open shelves and closed storage spaces fitted in need to be aesthetically designed and placed in the right spots so as to not appear as storage options but as elements enhancing décor.
If a strong colour is not preferred, a lighter shade such as purple or pink can be used where the colour adds character and cheer, steering the eye away from the closely packed elements.
The fabric and prints used for the bed which also doubles up as sofa would again have a role to play in toning down the clutter, giving the space a cosy feel.
A great way of giving the illusion of a larger expanse of space is to use stripes on walls. Vertical stripes make the wall appear taller while horizontal stripes make the room appear wider.


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